Meet Masha Vincente, Iris’ talented and innovative resident DJ

We sat down with our very own Masha Vincente, a rising star in the Dubai music scene, known for her electrifying sets and impressive range of music styles. Born in Ukraine, Masha Vincente has been honing her craft for years, building a reputation as one of Dubai’s greatest female DJ talents. At Iris, her love for Techno, House, and Deep House never fails to move the crowd.

When did your journey to become a DJ start? Was this always your dream?

When I was a teenager, my sister took me to a nightclub for the first time. The DJ was playing Minimal Techno and I fell in love with the music. Since then, I decided I would become a DJ. My first big gig was in Ukraine, a huge event on the main square in my city. I remember how my hands shook when I saw thousands of people in front of me. It was stressful, I was nervous but excited. It’s a feeling I will never forget.

Was becoming a female DJ a difficult career to pursue?

I wouldn’t say that it was easy, I started my DJ career 13 years ago when it wasn’t a female-driven industry. Since then, I’ve had a lot of challenges, especially when I left my country. But all the struggles helped me become a stronger person. Since then, I’ve travelled the world, and I’ve played in the most amazing countries. I’ve connected with people from different backgrounds and different ethnicities – I think we all become united with music.

How has the music industry evolved and what impact have you had on the industry?

I would say that each country has a different mindset, but I see that people are becoming more open-minded. At the end of the day, does it really matter what gender you are when playing music? As the music industry evolves, I’m starting to see more and more female DJs in the field. With regards to my impact, I think it’s all about teamwork. We are all slowly changing the industry. I don’t believe that one person alone can impact the industry.

What advice do you have for any budding female DJs out there?

Lately, it’s become a trend to be a DJ. So, be honest and ask yourself why do you really want to be a DJ? What music do you really love? If you feel that you can devote your life to this job, then go for it!

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