Super Brunch

Saturday 27th January

Join us for Iris Super Brunch, on Saturday, January 27th, from 1pm, featuring a hybrid live percussive set by international DJ Tooker and enter the chance to win a luxury desert retreat at the renowned Qasr Al Sarab. Experience unparalleled luxury with a two-night stay, with breakfast included. A day of decadence awaits!

Iris Super Brunch Packages 

Dining Experience – AED 275 

Brunch dining alongside soft drinks and mocktails 

Wine & Dine – AED 375

Brunch dining alongside wine 

Eat, Drink, Repeat – AED 475 

Brunch dining alongside regular spirits, cocktails, prosecco, wine and beer 

Royal Brunch – AED 735

Brunch dining alongside Champagne, prosecco, premium spirits, cocktails, wine and beer

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